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Behind the Lens


Every picture ever taken records a cherished memory.  When you look at a picture it evokes all of the emotion from that memory and preserves it eternally.  My passion is to capture those beautiful moments in the lives of my clients.  My dream is not only that they will love what I photograph but also that their friends, families and future generations will enjoy, down the road, the memories that I've been able to bring out through my vision and camera lens.
Over the years I've developed my photography into a one-of-a-kind artistry that is vibrant, creative and emotional.  Everyone has different tastes, and I pride myself in getting to know my clients as individuals. I want to find out what styles and direction they personally want for their photos.  I go through every single image to make sure it's the absolute best!  It is this passion and attention to detail that have allowed me to become so close with so many wonderful people over the years. I've been witness to individuals graduating high school by photographing their senior portraits and then eventually photographing their wedding day.  I've seen the start of so many new families, beginning with their engagement pictures, then their wedding pictures, and growing through maternity sessions and photographing their newborn children. I often have the privilege of working with other members of that same family as they likewise begin the next chapters in their lives.  It's a real pleasure when I get to photograph weddings for a group of women who have all been in one another's weddings and I get to see them all year after year.